TOMORROW - 33RD Anniversary Rebirth

This year is 33 years that I am. After giving birth 3 times it’s my turn to be reborn at 33. I have been working on exciting elements of how I am evolving the atelier. It’s my REBIRTH. It’s a new start for me and the studio. 

In celebration of this important year and 6 years of working in ceramics, I am happy to share a limited-edition selection of tableware pieces inspired by my childhood growing up along the coast of southern France. The collection is the result of the maturation of my work coming to life while keeping the raw and minimalist elements that are important for me. The color palette is reminiscent of the richness of the coastline, you will find soft earth tones mixed with wildflower colors and organic textures. The pieces have elegant and sophisticated qualities that reflect a more refined state of aesthetics that I have grown into. They are reflections of the quiet and introspective inner dialogue I have been having with myself while imagining how to grow the studio in a natural way with new possibilities.