Caring for your pieces

Process and care

Color is tinted through the clay to provide a color depth not available from surface glazing. Clear glaze is then applied to the exterior with a vitrified stone-like surface that becomes smooth with handling. All pieces are oven, microwave, dishwasher and food safe, making it deal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen.


Please note

Cécile*Mestelan is a handmade product and should be treated with care during use. In the dishwasher, make sure items are not touching. To avoid scratches on the glaze ideally the items will either be stored in plate racks or use linen/felt between each item.

Sudden change in temperature is likely to cause thermal shock, witch will damage the items. Always place very hot items onto either wood or cloth.

Slight irregularities in size, glaze and texture reflect the handmade nature of the product and should be embraced. If sold direct we will replace breakages and faults notified within 14 days of shipping/purchase.

All made to order items take approximately 4-6 weeks to create and ship. All items are subject to longer production times due to the delicate and lengthy process in which they are created.