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Wheel Private Group* up to 6 px

Wheel Private Group* up to 6 px

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"Unearth Your Inner Potter - Private Wheel Throwing Workshop"

Step into the world of clay and craftsmanship with our Private Wheel Throwing Ceramic Workshop. This intimate experience is tailored for a private group of enthusiasts ready to discover the art of shaping, spinning, and crafting with their own hands. Unleash your creativity and mold clay into beautiful, functional pottery. Guided by our teacher, you'll learn the technique of wheel throwing and create your own unique cup or bowl. Get ready to get your hands dirty, share laughter, and unearth your inner potter's talent in this private, hands-on adventure.

LEVEL: Beginner and advanced students welcome!


WHAT'S INCLUDED: clay, tools, engobe are included, firing & glazing will be done by the studio for you!

TIMEFRAME: pieces are ready in 4 weeks for pick up, we will email you to let you know the date, or a shipping quote can be provided if needed. 

Please note that we can only keep pieces 1 month after you have been notified. 


NOTE: We understand that life gets in the way and that you may miss a class. However we cannot accommodate or allow you to make up a class later or swap classes. We cannot make exceptions. It is your responsibility to ensure you can make the classes.
If the class does not meet a minimum number of students, unfortunately, it will be canceled.

Cancellation policy: Classes are non-refundable but you can rebook to a future class, provided you give at least 2 days notice. 

We look forward to having you!

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