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Wheel Workshop - 4 classes Mandatory

Wheel Workshop - 4 classes Mandatory

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You want to try wheel throwing in a monthly class?

Discover the art of wheel throwing in our immersive Wheel Workshop. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your pottery skills, our teacher will guide you through the mesmerising process of shaping clay on the wheel. Unleash your creativity, master the techniques, and create your very own wheel-thrown masterpieces.

Join us for a hands-on experience that promises to leave you with both knowledge and beautiful ceramics to cherish.

We look forward to having you!


WHERE: R. Poiais de São Bento 75A, Lisboa

DURATION: 2 hours

HOW OFTEN: 1 lesson / week 
When you sign up for our wheel throwing workshop, you're committing to the full month, as we require participation in all four classes. By purchasing the first slot of the month, you're reserving your spot for every Thursday of the month or consecutive ones if a public holiday falls on a Thursday.

LEVEL: Beginner and advanced students welcome!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Apron, clay, tools, engobe are included. Firing & glazing will be done by the studio for you!

TIMEFRAME: We try our best to have your pieces ready for collection within 4 weeks. We will always email you to let you know when they are ready to pick up, or a shipping quote can be provided if needed. Please note, we can only keep pieces for 1 month after you have been notified. 

LANGUAGE: English, Portuguese

MISSED CLASS POLICY: We understand that life gets in the way and that you may miss a class, however we cannot accommodate or allow you to make up a class later or swap classes. We cannot make exceptions. It is your responsibility to ensure you can make the classes.

NOTE: If the class does not meet a minimum number of students, unfortunately, it will be cancelled.
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